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martes, 18 de octubre de 2011

Fast Cash with home gardens

Looking for a farmers market in your area crazy invest in your community.
We also do deliveries online.

When I decided to prepare a home garden in my home my lifestyle changed drastically. I thought it would be fun to harvest two or three tomatoes and one or two pepper per week and soon my "hobby" became more than a part-time business. In just days I was picking cucumbers, lettuce and cilantro, among others. It all started when I consulted a friend agronomist on the costs of preparing a garden in the backyard of my house and then I recommended investing in an organic garden with a simple technique planting in self watering containers. This requires relatively few materials and easy to work and not to prepare the ground and containers stored 2-4 gallons of water applied for 2-3 days. The fertilizer is pour at planting and 2-3 months later and may be granulated or "slow release" or compost. The containers can be purchased or can be homemade. Soon I made the investment recovered with what I saved by not having to buy vegetables at the supermarket and I sell surplus production at a farmers' market on weekends. He also occasionally sell my agronomist who has a distribution route of organic foods. As for the overall health of my family, have also been changes since, as our vegetables are harvested fully ripe come loaded with all its nutrients so we saved multivitamins plus vitamins contain enough "padding". I also make sure that my vegetables are free of all those pesticides which cultivate imported into Puerto Rico. Fiber intake is more appropriate because my kids love eating vegetables that are harvested with their own hands, in fact, they help me every afternoon with the garden and incredibly half spend less time watching television. Another lifestyle change is to be eating healthy foods from the garden and not have to serve a double ration of food and receive less food than more of the nutrients needed by the body and not eating for my family has gluttonyremained more in shape. Do not wait any longer to start your home garden and if you need a guide on how to set the same, do not hesitate to contact us. Up on the roof of your home or business can set your garden!

***** This tomato plant I was picking between

7 to 10 tomatoes per week between March to May

Just add water when required. *****