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jueves, 8 de diciembre de 2011

Food security, planning issue

For decades, governments in Puerto Rico have shown no interest in sowing here to feed its people but to produce food expensive, so there is little. We have two options, wait for it to illuminate ourplant managers and establish the public policy or simply decide to do so. And with professional help from your agronomist can have on your balcony vegetables that are consumed in your home and with minimal effort which would also lead to consume part of your community.
      Ask one of our agronomists to start planning the food you and your family will eat in the coming years and increase the physical health of your family and your pocket. They also offer workshops, and some free.
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*****Go to the survey ­­«UP» and choose your favorite vegetable !!!!!Pepinillo "cucumber", zanahoria "carrot", tomate "tomato", maíz "corn", "greens", otro "other".